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  • Is it a Sprain or a Broken Bone?


    It is spring, finally! Everyone is eager now to get out and play and the kids are in the midst of spring sports season. Baseball, soccer and lacrosse are not only popular spring sports but they are also known for injuries, often times to the leg, ankle or foot. Sometimes it’s difficult to know if […]

  • Allergies Could Be Worse Than Usual This Spring in Stamford


    Allergies be worse than usual this year in Stamford and the rest of the northeast. The thinking, according to our providers, is that it is because of this years’ harsh winter and massive amounts of snow. Those with seasonal allergies are now paying the price. As the last of the snow melted, later into the […]

  • Comparing Costs: Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

    nurse patient doctors express stamford

    If you’re one of nearly 100 million Americans who visit the emergency room at least once a year for a medical condition or injury, you know the difficulty of long wait times, uncomfortable environments, and high-costs. Unfortunately, few people know that 60-80% of annual hospital emergency room visits are non-life threatening and can be easily […]

  • Keep Spring Allergies in Check During Severe Season

    Doctor with patient

    While some people are still shoveling snow, many Americans are facing yet another blow from the weather just in time for spring – a sudden explosion of pollen for what’s expected to be a particularly nasty allergy season. March has yet to go out like a lamb, and we at AFC/Doctors Express can already tell […]

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