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  • Don’t Let Swimmer’s Ear Ruin Your Summer


    If you or your child are prone to swimmer’s ear infections, often times August is the month it will rear its painful head. As summer progresses, bacteria multiplies in lakes, and if you are doing a lot of lake swimming, t is not uncommon to experience swimmer’s ear. Here at AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care […]

  • Back to School Health Tips

    nurse gives child vaccine

    Break out the lunch boxes and the three-ring binders, back-to-school season is upon us again! Amid the mad dash for backpacks, pencil cases and the rapidly approaching school bus, it’s easy to forget about the health concerns of going back to school. Back-to-school time is also prime time for germs and bugs; an enormous number […]

  • Bad Sunburn? It’s UV Awareness Month


    July is UV Awareness Month, and at AFC Doctors Express we want to make sure you are keeping your skin healthy and not inviting trouble.  Skin Cancer, Melanoma, is the most common cancer in the U.S. today, a fact not many are aware of. It is vital that you protect your skin from the potentially […]

  • Mosquito Control & Prevention Tips

    Mosquito biting person's skin

    Are pesky mosquitoes making you a part of their main course this summer? Whether in the comfort of your home or while traveling abroad, it’s important to protect yourself from mosquito bites not only because they cause itchy and annoying hives but, because they pose a major risk to your health. It may be impossible […]

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